New little friend… fierce old lady!

Mum, look! Holidaymum is in the dogpark! And two doggies are there with her. The cocker is Lokum, but who is the other one?
Holidaymum, can I have my treat? Yes, I will sit!

Okay, that little lady is Mirabel? Hello Mirabel! I’m Kita and yes, I’m pretty and not small at all, so keep your manners! Do not sniff my butt all the time, will you?!!!

What is holidaymum telling at my mum? Mirabel is almost 14 years old? A little grandma! She is not too social and rather bossy? She does not like Lokum?

Mum, holidaymum!!! Look, they are fighting! Oh no, don’t do that when holidaymum is near! Oh no!! When holidaymum shouts and lets you know she is the alpha, even my mum steps aside.
Ohoh, Lokum and surely little grandma, who started the fight, seem not to pleased wit the new orders of holidaymum… I must tell this at my grandpa Lennox!

And my mum? She forgot to make pics of the fight! 😦 but she has a few of little grandma Mirabel. 🙂


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