More seaside… in daylight!

Last part of the holiday-stories!

By daylight, I was not UFO-ing of course! But I was running a lot! I like the beach and that big space and the water and the sand and the running! One morning, mum was filming to show the friends I run very far away! She says that I’m a mini-Kita for her when I’m that far away!

But I think sometimes mum is a little bit worried that I forget her when I’m too far away! And then she uses the whistle-language! That’s something I know very, very well – although I say it myself! – When I her the whistle: short, short, long… then I should hurry to mum, as fast as I can. Playing with other dogs? Stop it! Sniffing something interesting? Stop it! Eating something? Stop it! And: RUN! And that’s what I do then! I’m a lady!!! And… I always get a very good treat!!!

Little detail: mum should use that short, short, long-whistle more often! 😉 That would mean: more treats! 😉

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