UFO-ing… on the beach!

Mum’s holidays are over! She goes back to work tomorrow! That’s allright, I need some rest and… then I can use the tv-typing-machine to tell the holiday stories! 🙂

We did really fun things. We were at the seaside and these days it’s getting dark real early! But when the sea is very far away…

At low tide, Kita, at low tide!

So when the sea is not near the dike and the houses, the beach is not big, the beach is enormously big! I like to run there and I love running far away from mum till I feel the sea at my paws, then I run back to mum and again and again while mum comes to the water too! She says she loves it when I’m enjoying myself, running like that. So I please her and … I run! 🙂

But these days it’s dark early! And mum wants to see where I am, always, when I’m off the leash… Me, I don’t think that is necessary, but mum… she is stubborn! So, remember mum bought me a light-collar? A red one? An overseas friend said that I’m a real UFO then! So I went UFO-ing on the beach! Even when it was dark, I could run to the far-away-sea! I was so happy about that! I ran, and ran and ran!!! 😉

Mum filmed a bit, but in the dark that is very difficult, she says…

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