Look! Look!… Me is dancing!

First of all: Happy New Year to you all… see my previous post with all my new-year-dale-wisdom-and-wishes in it! 

Last big little thing – read: adventure –  of 2013! Mum and her friend and the both dads and ME (of course!) were going to a little concert in the afternoon of the 31st december, on a little Christmasmarket. Grandpa stayed at home, too much noise for him, he says…

Music was great, all from the sixties the mums were saying. Don’t know what sixties are but the mums were singing with the artists. The dads not that much! 😉 The mums gave a good example so I was singing too! Not a very good idea, mum was not too pleased…
Mum gave the blinking box to the mum-friend and we went near the singers… AND… we were dancing!!! People were very amused and if you have a good look, they were even filming this famous aire-lady… 😉
We only have pics, the blinking thing was “on pics”!!!

This was a great afternoon, I told everything at grandpa… He did laugh and said I was a special one, sometimes: bit stupid and funny: he never heard of dancing dogs if not in a circus! I told him that mum was as funny as me… he laughed!!! 😉 Me was tired… slept untill 2014!! 🙂

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