Still possible…Incognito? ;-)

My mum says I have to come down to earth in stead of being too proud! Easy for her to say: she is not Kita, the airedale-lady! You need some explanations?

Few sundays ago, I was at the seaside (remember?) with mum and dad and grandpa en mum’s and dad’s friends. We had a long walk and went inside somewhere to have a drink (at least the mums and dads had a nice drink!). After a while i wanted to leave again and didn’t want to stay in the sit-position! 😉
Finally we got up and wanted to leave! A very friendly madame comes to us and says to me: You really are Kita? The Kita? The Kita of the blog? I tell you! I was speechless for a moment! So was my mum! Seems that this nice lady was the mum of one of my litter sisters! Born the same day! Her name is Manon! She lives in Belgium too! In Overijse, if I remember well! I’m famous, you see!

Then there is the new video: the Airedale World! With airedales from all over the world! Mum showed me! Lots and lots of friends! And guess what: I’m in it too! People can see me, Kita, all over the world. I’m there between all the other famous beauties! Can’t say I’m not one of the famous dales!

But then, last but not least, other big news! The human mum of my doggie-mum Funnygirl, asked me, Kita, to write “the Belgian news” for the terrier Year Book 2013 in the UK!  Imagine! By the way, what’s the UK, I asked? Mum says that’s the place where Sir Darwin is from and the silent-wednesday-gang lives there too.
Will they read it, mum, when the book is ready? 😉

I won’t be too famous to go out incognito, will I, mum? 😉

Hope so, Kita, because I’ll be there too, you can’t leave alone…! 😦 😉

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