Shopping?… Here I am!

Where are we going? I see it! Yes! A petstore!
What does she say, my mum? Féline? What about Féline? Is my sister  in there?

No, silly Kita!

Oh, we’re going to buy something for Féline! I understand. We go in! Lots to see and snif! Up there, mum, up there! The combs with the rolling teeth! 😉 I prefer that kind of comb! I really do! When my mum combs my paws, with the long hair and curls, and with lots of dirt in it… well, I do not feel anything and I keep still. The old cam wasn’t that nice. Oh no! Me is satisfied about the combing now! 😉

I told my sister Féline who told her mum who told my mum and now we go to our petshop to buy that comb everyone was talking of! 😉 Nice idea! The sir in the shop is a nice guy who gives treats to the visitors! The dog-visitors! Mum got nothing! 😉

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