Forgot to tell… but detective asked…

I forgot to tell this last week, because of all the vampire-excitement. It was the same day! In some shop mum got a present: a doggie-duck! A talking doggie-duck! People want me to play wit talking friends, these days! 😉

Oh, yes, that was what I did! I played a lot with it, mum heard me very well while she was cooking! 😉 When I got tired, I went to my bed for a nap!

What a surprise some time later! Mum wakes me up and shows me the duck! The poor thing lost her snail! How on earth is that possible? All while I was taking my nap?
Yes, mum, I know: grandpa Lennox does not do such a horrible thing! We have no cat in the house, we can blame neither! Okay, our goldfish is not able to hurt the duck, I understand! And you were cooking, so you are  innocent too! I really don’t understand!

Oh, my goodness… why is the evidence in my bed? Will somebody explain this to me? Yes, mum, I’ll hire a detective… Grrr, waf!

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