A birthday!!!… Treats! Yes!

Finally! Finally, I can use the tv-typing-machine to tell my stories! Mum has two weeks of holidays! Holidays should mean: no work! You don’t know my mum yet if you think holidays are holidays here… 😉

Anyway she has more time to go out and to play with me! 😉 And she is knitting a lot so I can use the tv-typing-machine! Lots of things to tell!

You know Gitte? She’s my friend! She was the first doggie I met when I came to live with my mum. She’s only 6 weeks older than I am!
And yes, last thursday was her birthday! Mum and me we often go early to the dogpark when mum hast to go to work afterwards and then Gitte is not always there, that early!
But on thursday morning she was there before me! I tell you! What a surprise!
We practice our judo exercises and Gitte won’t rest before she wins with an ippon! Then we play some bitey-face that scares a lot of other mums and dads when they see us do that for the first time. Our mums are used to it by now.

And then? Well, Gitte’s mum made little parcels with treats for every friend in the dogpark to celibrate Gitte’s birthday! Gitte’s thirth birthday! Gitte and I had a very close look when her mum looked for my present in the big bag! Curious me was too curious! Got on the bench, got my paws on the table… Mum was not pleased, that’s the least you can say… 😦

But I was! 😉

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