Antwerp-Christmas-tour… for my far away friends!

On thursday night, mum’s holidays started. And the holidays of her collegues too! The met in the evening in Antwerp to have a drink on the “Grote markt”, near the city hall. And guess what? I could come too!

We made a large trip on foot, get off the tram few stops earlier, to admire the lights everywhere! Light, lights, lights… Mum says that’s because of Christmas. Christmas?
Is that a doggie, mum? Don’t tell me it’s a cat!! No dog? No cat? What is it? Oh, a big feast! Are there treats for doggies too at this feast?

Okay, so we walk in the city that’s ready for Lightmas!

Christmas, Kita, Christmas!

Okay, Okay! Lightmas! I show you around in Lightmas-Antwerp… Have a look at the pics with comment… Mum had the blinking box ready, this time… 🙂

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