The huge dogpark… too many businesses!

– “This is very nice, Lizzie!”p1400996-85x100
Ah non, there we go again! Miss Know-It-All keeps informing me about what comes next. J’en ai vraiment marre!
– “We are heading for the huge dogpark alright!”
Ah, ça change tout, bien sûr! Since this ‘heat thing’ ended (vous souvenez-vous?), we’ve been there several times and we can run free as much as we like. C’est génial!  🙂

Viens, Kita, on y va!” What is keeping her, sniffing around at the entrance? We have lots of work to do! Si je me rappelle bien, running business comes first. Next we go to the hill over there, where all the rabbit holes are, for a thorough inspection, and after that we sneak out of sight to go to the brook, to get ourselves some nice mud-boots. Mum hates that! 🙂

“Look, Kita, there is a handsome gentleman over there!” Je vais flâner un peu avec lui… Do you want to play tag? Oh, je m’excuse, but I really have to go now: smartass Kita is already at the hill, and she’ll be nagging about me not attending to the businesses! A très bientôt, mon beau! “Wait for me, Kita, here I come!” Oh, she’s already tiptoeing to the brookside…

“Kita! Kita! Where are you?” Elle est partie! I can’t find her anywhere… “Kita!” Oh no, there you have it: that’s Dad’s whistle! I have to go back! But I’ve lost track of Kita and I don’t even know where the whistle comes from! Ca alors! Quoi faire? “Kita! Kita, wait for me!” Ce n’est pas possible! There is the whistle again, with more insistence… I’m in big trouble! 😦

Is that Kita over there? This is killing me! Trop stressant!Ouf! There you have Mom and Dad. Kita has already found them. I run all I’ve got, straight to Dad. Never mind the treat, I’m happy as I am, having found you et tout. “Come on, Lizzie, let’s run off again, to the brook.” –”Non, merci, Kita, I’m staying with Dad now. We’ll see about that next time…”

Sissie Lizzie







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