Yes! …I can fly!…

Yes! I can fly! Nobody ever believes me, but it is the truth, I can fly! I asked mum so many times to get the blinking thing out and take pics of me flying! But mum says that is very difficult. She has to be quick and the blinking box is not soficatty enough…

Sophisticated, Kita, sophisticated!

So the blinking box is not soficat enough. Mum says, she’ll buy another one when she stops, one day, being a library mum and she’ll take lessons to become soficatty. We’ll see… 😉

Anyway, she did it two times! 🙂 Yes, once when I only was one year old, running with my big friend Ernie (pic is here too!) and also yesterday! I was playing with another big friend: Rataplan. I did the running, he did the walking and looking. He is not in the running business, he says, he is in the walking business. He is good at that, I have to admit!

So, mum, she was quick yesterday and the blinking thing was in a good mood and caught me flying! See for yourself! And for all critics: there is no photoshop involved, mum does not have such expensive soficatty soft-things on her tv-typing-machine! 😉 And if she had, she would need more soficat-lessons first! hahaha! 🙂 (Words of her human pup)

Well, end of the story: you can see I’m in the flying business too! 😉

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