Your spaghetti?… Makes noise, mum!

This morniing it was raining cats and dogs but off we went to the huge dogpark! And who do I see there, far away? Lucien, an old friend from the tree-dogpark! I run as fast as I could! Mum did not understand why and where I was running so fast! I see better than she does, surely when it rains because her extra eyes are wet from the rain… hahahaha!

So Lucien and I we run a lot, far away, mum could not see us anymore… and not only because of her wet extra eyes! Because we were behind the trees and sand heeps. We played with my friend Hana too. Not many pics: blinking box does not work in the rain… 😦 That’s a pity!

At noon, mum was making spaghetti. I missed the part of the cutting of the orange sticks because I was napping after all that running! That was a pity! But mum kept me an orange stick! She calls it a carrot or something…

But then: fun of the day: while spaghetti is cooking, mum always gives me some of this very, very narrow sticks… They make this special noise when I chew on them and they are so difficult to take from the ground. 😦 But mum helps, luckily… And it’s difficult to spot them between the fur of my paws! 😦
Inside, without rain,  the blinking box was working well! 😉



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