Me and my mum?… We love our city!

My (library-)mum has to leave early some days… These are the days we go to the little dogpark nearby to run a bit and then we go back by another way, a longer way! We go to the river Scheldt. I like that! Lots to see and smell!

That’s the moment sun is wakened up by someone and slowly gets out of her bed… That’s the moment bunnies disappear between the grass. That’s the moment too that birds start singing in the trees… Mum says that spring is very near: you see, feel and hear it coming, she says… Although it is still freezing at night.

That’s the moment of the beautiful light and colours, mum says… I see the light, I believe her about the colours! That’s the moment we take pics too…

Every morning it is different and every morning it is beautiful! Yes, me and mum, we love our city!

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