4… 4… 4… 4… !… Yes, I’m 4 years old!

You never believe this! Yesterday it was my birthday and mum came home earlier for that! I prefer to forget she came home because since three days it was only 10°C in her library. Heating failure! 😦 But because of my birthday she postponed her work a little and we first went to the huge dogpark! Fun, fun, fun! Waterbusiness in full action again!

And then! When we came home, after paw plunger and washcloth-procedure, I got a very, very, very, very long bully stick, as long as I am! Fun, fun, fun!

Guess what? I even did not know the funniest present was yet to come! Mum and dad got me a new pig, a pig that makes a pig-noise! Yes, mum, I know  the squeek is in the snout, and I’m getting it out off it! What does she say? No chewing? Squeek has to stay in the snout? Why?  I should play otherwise? I’m not too sure about that, mum! Bring my piggie to my little house, it will be safe there! 🙂 Fun, fun, fun!

Well, after a quarter of an hour, mum said: enough exercise for today! I can’t destroy it? I have to learn to play with it properly, as a lady should? Tomorrow again? Okay, we’ll see who wins! 😉






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