Dale-trio… in action!

Since a week mum and dad realised it too: the “heat” is gone… Yes, it’s almost winter. I said it for weeks. But they did not listen.
Anyway, it means that without “heat” we can go to big dogparks, parks with fences… for the française… hahaha. Not old enough yet to go to my huge park (which is not fenced).

You remember I have this friend Louis? Well today we had a playdate with him in a big park somewhere in Antwerp. Same one as where I met him last time!

We had fun! To start there was a kind of treat-bar! 🙂 A mister with treats for all the doggies! His one is very, very big!!! 🙂

Then we played and ran and met lots of friends. Just one very big black one was not too friendly! He attacked me! Growling and trying to bite me. I know what to do! I immediatly went on my back and growled too. People (my mum too!) were yelling and his dad came to get the black one. He went on the leash! 🙂
And me? I got up and calmly walked to my mum to comfort her. Nothing wrong, mum! Come one, let’s go and play! 😉

And we did! We were running more than an hour… Can tell you that we were tired in the end! Till saturday, they said! Oh yes, this Lizzie sissie will not believe her eyes on saturday, my dogness! 🙂 And she’ll even have less to tell afterwards, that tired she will be! 😉


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