Lessons to be thaught… and learned!

The learning seems the most difficult part for this one, for our française! 😉 🙂

Well, I explain it to you! You know this lady is a mum’s girl! But sometimes I’m a dad’s girl too. And I exactly know when I want to be dad’s girl. 😉
You see, there is one couch in the house that more or less is dad’s couch. If I am a good girl, I can lie there… Dad allowes us, you know!
daddy’s girl…

But now there is the française: she is the daddy’s girl in the house these days… Of course you get the picture! She was with dad on the couch! And I could not…
But we cleared that out, oh yes, we did! When dad was not there, I got in… She came too… Took as much place as I could, of course! We had a nice nap! 🙂

But then dad came and made this noice with his fingers. I know what dad’s language means: the couch is no longer for doggies! Lizzie was very puzzled! Why do you go out this nice bed?
That did not take long… hahahaha! Mum and dad wanted to see the news on TV! Even françaises get off then! 🙂

Listen carefully French new little one! There are some rules here about this couch!
1. You never go in with wet or dirty paws, then there is a chair in it! 😉 That must be even clear enough for françaises. 😉
2. You can go on it when there is no one!
3. You get immediatly off when you hear dad’s finger-noice-click with the pointing: out! Yes, even françaises have too.;-)
4.When we are on the couch I get the biggest and the best place!

Is that very clear, sissie Lizzie?
Lessons are to be thaught clearly… Question is: will this française learn it???

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