There are examples… and examples…

Okay, finally they got my message! Me and mum and dad, we took sissie Lizzie to the beach! My dogness, the française really is a wild one! That’s what grandpa said about me! Hahahaha. So now I say it about sissie! 😉

Tried to learn her the running business. No problem… We were teaching her the whistle language. I run away, of course the new little one followed me: she likes to bite in my hind legs… 😦 …dad or mum whistle and we run to them. Business okay! Treats for sure.
Time to learn her some naughty tricks! 😉

Look, sissie, over there are the man trying to catch shrimps! Come on! It’s far, I know but we go there! Go! No no, not this time: don’t go back to the whistle language! What? You return? I go on! Lots to learn this new little one! This old little one knows when to do as she pleases. 😉

Oh, that sounds not good at all… The française gets the treats and I don’t? Because I did not come? WHAT? ME, the Iady should take an example of HER??? Go figure this! Ggggrrrrr.

That situation -she being the example – took only five minutes! I’ll tell you. I had to poo and what did the française do? She ate a part of it… Booooooo bah! Mum and dad didn’t like that, not to say they were a bit furious! You hear this, little française? You heard it very well? What they said just now? You should take an example of ME, the lady! ❤ I don’t do such disgusting things (anymore). 🙂





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