Helping out… not really appreciated

p1400996-85x100– “Dad, can we watch?”
– “Sure you can, Lizzie…”
– “Viens, Kita, ça semble rigolo! Dad, can we help too?”
– “Not really, Lizzie, I’m putting this table together, and I’m guessing that’s not your thing, girls… Not really my thing either, to be honest, but Mum wants it in our dining room, so…”
– “What do you think I can do with this toy, Kita? Tu sais toujours tout, non?

Dad doesn’t seem too happy about ma curiosité and my willingness to help out. “Lizzie! Do not touch that! I’ll need that screwdriver in a minute.” – Smartass Kita smiles haughtily. She ‘knows’, vous savez… – Maybe I can taste one of these many little ones then? – “Watch out, Lizzie! If you swallow one , we go straight to the vet’s!” Oh no, not the Green Clothes again! 😦

I’ll play with this jouet instead. “That’s not a dog’s toy, silly!” Well, well, there you have Lady Know-It-All again… “That’s a hammer, Lizzie,” Dad intervenes, “I’ll take that from you now.” If I’m not allowed to touch anything or play with anything, what is the whole point of keeping an eye on this game, anyway? C’est tellement ennuyeux… I think I’m going to take a nap. 😉

“You can’t, Lizzie! We must take care of our inspection business. I did explain the businesses to you, didn’t I?” To show how it is done, Kita has her nosy nose on every move Dad makes. OK, I’ll have a quick glance myself, et après je retourne à ma sieste.:-) Dad seems very pleased with himself. Looks fine to me. Once you’ve seen a table, you’ve seen them all, n’est-ce pas? 😉

Sissie Lizzie

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