Look! … Battle of the week!

As you know, these days we only are allowed to play with cardboard! That’s harmless and this française at our house does not eat that! 😉

But then, all over sudden the française found something else in the box with the toys. A rope, a knotted rope! Get the picture? 😉

Yep, we had the battle of the week! And this time, I did not give in! Mostly because we found a second rope, in the end! Got mine in my littl house with me. That’s my territory! No Lizzies allowed! Or I do as grandpa did: I growl. Not as hard as he, but I growl! 😉
Of course I can go in hers, but she not in mine! 🙂

I had all the time to tear mine apart! 😉 ❤ Lizzie started tearing at hers, but the fool started eating what she got off! Game over, mum said! 
So, no more rope-ripping in our house! 😦 She really can be a little pest, that française! 😦

PS Mum had the red thing ready: toot and video! 🙂








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