Trendy fashion… pour cette Dame!

p1400996-85x100“This is really really very very good, Lizzie!!!” Kita is sitting next to me in the backseat of the car, and she looks enthusiastic this time, definitely not worried for a change. Are we heading to a playground or a dog park that I haven’t seen yet? “I know where we are going…” Oh no, she has that boastful tone again… Quelle fanfare! “You’ll see, and… you’ll like it!” Mais enfin! Why is this Lady Know-It-All always telling me things in advance, without telling anything! 😦

De toute façon, Kita is right this time. I jump out of the car – only after I am allowed to, bien sûr – and the first thing I see: a giant picture of un très beau garçon! This can’t go wrong! Oh, and I smell doggie treats, and doggie food, and… lots of other tempting and promising smells! I do not know what this place is, but… c’est le Paradis! “Come on, Kita, let’s go!” [Yank!] Merde, je suis en laisse! “Wait for the humans to go in, silly!” Kita knows, vous savez. [Sigh]

And who do we have here at the door? I know this funny sweet cuddly lady! She came to visit us at home the other day, and she brought loads of doggie food. I don’t know her name – Kita calls her The Human Pup. Peu importe, she really is nice and I liked her from the moment I met her. She can hug me anytime, as much as she wants. Dad is discussing a new harness for me with her. I can’t figure out why, but all the ones we have at home, seem too big for me… 😦

“Can I try it on???” Human Pup adjusts the straps until it fits just fine. Regarde moi! “Mum, do you have your red blinking thing ready? Here I come!” Kita is watching enviously. “Oh, petite française, stop showing off, will you?” – “Ah non! Today I’m the Lady of the House, peut-être pas at our house (yet), but in this Doggie Paradise… Oui, aujourd’hui, c’est moi La Dame AT!” ❤ 🙂

Sissie Lizzie

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