For this lady? … Real me-time!

Sometimes she is not that stupid at all, my mum… I won’t have any moustache or beard left with the Lizzie-française in the house. I told her, I needed some time off. I really needed some off-biteyface-holiday, I told her! 🙂

Okay, she said, ladies sometimes need me-time. I understand. I like the word: me-time!
It means that me and mum we go al alone to the huge dogpark. No sissie to annoy me and my businesses! Yeeey!!! ❤

Of we went, for the sunday afternoon! Nice weather too! Met some new friends, found a ball to fool around with – without the française taking it from me…
Mum says I should be more like grandpa: a good growl from time to time would do the trick, she says. Well – sigh – I’m not of that kind… I’m a lady, you know! Although she can’t touch my dinner, that goes too far! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. 😉

In the end, sissie came to the huge dogpark with dad. But on the leash! hahahaha! There still is the heat-thing and… She does not know the whistle-language yet! Hahahaha! 😉
Lot to learn, sissie, before you are a lady! 😉

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