Hello … from this side!

Dear grandpa Lennox

Today, two years ago you went to the Rainbow Bridge. I remember you being carried out in your bed, to the green clothes’ place… and never coming back.

Me and mum and dad, we still miss you. You will never be forgotten although we have this française in the house now. ❤

I already told you about the new little one. I’m the oldest little one now: I get my dinner first, I get treats first… and so on! You know all about that!
I never realised you were that patient with me! It seems that I spend my days with waiting now for the new little one to obey! My dogness! 😉

But maybe I’m a little bit different: if I claim MY bed, I get it! You never claimed it! 😉
If I want a toy I get it, although we mostly play with cardboard! That’s the safest thing these days, mum says… although she has to clean up after us!
And you remember my shoppingbag? I still have it, and if I claim it, I get it from this française!
Anyhow, sissie Lizzie is the sweetest thing ever… when she sleeps! 😉 ❤

So grandpa, have a nice rememberance-arrival-party tonight, up there at the Bridge! We’ll think of you! ❤

Big wet kisses
Kita Van ’t Asbroek

PS Some pics to prove that I claim and get it! 😉 As you well know from experience! hahaha! 😉



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