Finally… she got it, my mum!

I told her again, and again and again. And do you think she listens? No!… Stubborn mum… she surely was an airedale in a previous live! 🙂

Every time, at breakfast and at dinner time, the française wanted my food! She seemed not to like hers! Than, when I finished mine, she started to eat hers with “long teeth”, we say in Dutch. That means: without appetite and very slowly. She never finished hers! 😦
And I would not finish hers neither… 😉

So I started to explain to my mum: give her the same as I get. Well, it took some time, but since a few days sissie Lizzie gets the same food as I get. One problem solved! Maybe she will grow a bit! 🙂 ❤ And get a lady-figure! 😉

But now there is a new problem… 😦
We have to sit quietly and wait while mum or dad prepare dinner… Oh, my dogness. Ooooohooohoooh, my dogness! Explain that to this française!
So it takes very long, and then I mean: VERY LONG before we finally get it. Every time this Lizzie-baby starts running and jumping, mum or dad wait and don’t go on preparing… Get the picture? 😦

But then: moment suprême! I get my dinner first! I’m the oldest! And only then the ‘new little one’ gets hers. hahaha! 🙂



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