My physique is… as it should be!

p1400996-85x100– “Dad, Kita is constantly teasing me avec ma figure…”
– “What’s wrong with it, Lizzie? What’s the problem?”
– “She claims I’m way too short and she says she outweighs me by half my weight.”
– “Well, Lizzie, I’m afraid she does have a point there. You see, an Airedale Lady should be about 22-23 inches tall (55-58 cm), and you’re barely 52 cm (20,5 inches) at the shoulder. Moreover, a “Queen of Terriers” should weigh approximately 20-25 kg (44-55 pounds) – as does Kita by the way – and you… What is your weight anyway?”
– “Mon Dieu! Quelle question! How should I know?”

This somewhat awkward conversation took place shortly before our visit to the vet’s, of which I told you the details earlier. What I didn’t mention then, is this: right after entering the vet’s reception hall, Dad lead me to a little platform, where he repeatedly ordered me to “Sit!” and “Stay!” – in Dutch: “Zit!” and “Blijf!” – two commandes I already master quite well. I must have impressed him by doing exactly that, because he seemed pleased with mon attitude. 😉 Less so, however, with what he saw on the display behind me… 😦

[Unfortunately, Mum didn’t have her blinking thing ready – at least, that’s what Kita says it’s called, but I have my doubts about that… – pour prendre la photo of me performing well on the weighing scale, so we re-post a picture here of Lady Kita doing the same some time ago.]

Anyway, “17,8-18” Dad said to Mum. I didn’t think much of it then, but I understand now that he was referring to my weight, and that his slightly concerned gaze had to do with me! Surely he meant kilograms and not pounds, but still… This whole weight thing puzzles me, though. Kita is at least five times my age, and I’m not a full grown AireLady yet! So, four years from now I’ll be weighing five times more than I do now, n’est-ce pas, which is an awful lot more than bragging and teasing Lady Kita!  On verra bien! 🙂

Sissie Lizzie


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