Teaching about… the inspection business!

These days are quite busy! I have a lot on my mind you know! There is this française at our house now: sissie Lizzie! I can assure you she is a paw-full for me! 😉
Because she is only one year old, she has a lot to learn! And not only because this little sissie is only one year old! She never heard about all kind of businesses! 😦

My mum was a teacher before she became a library-mum. And here they say: once a teacher, always a teacher! If there is someone who can affirm that, well that’s me! So, I know how teachers act, hahahaha! 😉

My human grandparents died more than 30 years ago. We sometimes go to visit them in a bizar place: lots of stones and little paths. 
This time I had to present sissie Lizzie ❤ to them, but I also had some inspection to do! There was this very big plant behind the stone. It had to be removed, people of the town hall told so.
And another man did the job, so I had to inspect! 🙂

Gave a great lesson to the française! She never saw a cimetery, so first lesson: act subdued! Do not bark! Don’t pull on the leash! Be silent. That part was very okay: my sissie is not stupid, that’s for sure! 🙂
Then I showed her how to inspect everything. Well that took some more energy! In stead of doing a thorough job… wel you can see in the pics… she preferred to lay down with this incredible face: is this how I do this? 😦
Still lot of teaching-work to do… I can assure you! 😉

PS Before pics are of last year and the year before!


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