For everything there is… a first time!

… And a last one too! Mind my words!

My grandpa Lennox was very wise, he used some difficult words! And some of them he even could not explain himself! One of these words was: hilarious. I had to exercise a lot before I could repeat it. He said often: hilarious, little one, hilarious! When I did certain things or in the dogpark when he saw something special! But always different things were ‘hilarious’. This lady first thought Hilarious was a doggie! 😉

But last saturday, I’m sure, grandpa was yelling up there, at the Bridge: Hilarious, little one, hilarious! How come?

Well, I’ll explain! Mum was working at the tv-typing-machine and dad was following something on the real tv. You know what I did? Slowly but surely I climbed on the couch!!! Grandpa always said that in our house dogs are not allowed on the couch! But he whispered too that he did it when he was young and when mum and dad were not at home. He did not do it anymore becoming a grandpa with old bones.
So I had to try too before my bones are old, don’t you think so? 😉
Mission impossible untill now was mission possible, just like that! 😉

Mum was so very surprised but she thought of the blinking thing before yelling! But she yelled allright! 😉 🙂
But I did it! ❤ HILARIOUS!

First time and last time! 😉


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