Winter… Beach … Fun!

Holidays are over, that’s true… but I still have nice memories to enjoy and stories to tell! That’s nice too, don’t you think! 🙂

So, we were in France and we were at the seaside! Told you already about France and my friend Mano! Now, I tell you about the seaside!

As usual we went to the beach: as usual lots of sea, lots of wind and lots of sand! But then… I found something! Look mum, dinner is going to be served! Here is the thing on which the meat was cut! Where is the meat, fresh from the sea? Will it come?
Mum was laughing at me… Did not look at her anymore, went to play with the plate! 

If there comes no meat, well I will chew on the thing! 😉 But that was not that easy! I had to practise my digging skills to get it up before I could chew on it! And there was mum, gggrrrr, yelling every time: no chewing! 😦

Anyhow I had fun! After a while I went playing with another doggie and forgot to take the thing home! I regret that! 😦 On the other hand, mum would not have let me… 😉 So, result is the same… 😉

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