Really… some guys know how to conquer a lady’s heart!

This afternoon we come home from the seaside! After all our traveling, this lady gets home and … is as surprised as she can be! Really, really, really!!!

Dad came in when he emptied the mailbox and said: Well, now we can see who is the most famous in this house! I did not even listen. Mostly it is my mum who gets the packages and the mail, for her library, you know!
But dad called me! 🙂

YES!!! A package for me! From very far away, mum said. Mum opened it for me… to be sure nothing would be damaged… 😉

Oh, my dogness! Oh, my dogness! This is great! Oh my dogness! Look at me now! With my new haircut and my new bandana! Oh, I’m so proud about this! ❤

Some guys really know how to conquer a lady’s heart! Thank you very, very much, Chef Mauricee and Dusty! It is so beautiful and fashionlike! Surely lady Endora whispered you some advice from the Bridge, being the fashion-expert! 🙂 ❤

And international! The whole world will know I have this famous Australian cook, Chef Maurice as a very good friend! My dogness, I’m so proud! Mum, listen, it is time for a very big fototoot! Is the blinking thing ready?
Mum, and I dictate what to type with the pics, can’t do that alone… 😉
And no, mum, there are not too many, put them all there! I can’t choose. We only have two bloopers! One is my fault, the other is yours!


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