Playtime again… at the seaside!

We are at the seaside and I want to go play on the beach! Come one, mum, finish that coffee now! No, not in a minute, now! Sometimes, my mum is rather slow… Surely when she drinks that coffee after lunch. My dogness, that takes really too much time! Every time again! 😦

Because… after the coffee, we go outside! I know that! Some days, I’m patient, because coffee does not take that much time. But some days… coffee takes mountains of time… Then my patience is not big enough and I bark! Ohohohoh! I should not… 😦

Finally, she gets up! YES! We go to the beach! Nice weather! Oh look, a new friend! Can she come? Yes, her mum says yes! Hello, I’m Kita. What’s your name? Cassandra? But Cassie for the friends? Okay, hello Cassie! Let’s play…
Cassie is older than I am, so she is tired a lot quicker than me… But we had a very nice playtime! See you again, Cassie!



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