Traveling to France… part 2!

As I told you, I went to France! No, not alone, of course, mum and dad came too! 😉 I went to see my friend Mano. Remember: the “bisous”-guy! The bisous-guy is almost 15 years old, but he really is a play-boy!

We were playing inside and outside. Inside we nearly did collapse the huge Christmas tree.;-) Outside we were runing in all kinds of weather. That ws fun! 🙂
No, silly, there are no dogparks over there. Mano lives at a farm! There  are real meadows to run in… Cows are inside in wintertimes, Mano explained, so we could run in all meadows.

One time my mum was very afraid. 😦 We were high op on a hill and suddenly there was fog everywhere around us. Could not orientate anymore! Mano could, he brought us out of the fog! Great guy, the bisous-grandpa!

After a few days we had to say goodbye and we traveled again in the car… to the big house and then back home.

Loooooooots of pictures and a long video to give you an idea of my bisous-guy-days! ❤

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