Sissie Lizzie, we go to… a meeting!

Sissie, listen to me now! Choose yourself a nice outfit, we are going out!
Mum, I want the Australian cat-in-the-hat-bandana! Then I’m dressed at my best! 🙂
Sissie, no, not one of my bandanas for you, you’ll tear them apart. Choose yourself a great collar! – No harm can be done that way! 😉
Great choise, française, you have a nose for charming clothing! The British red terrier collar.

Stop it, stop calling me always the Lady-knows-it-all. I just do know it all – accept it! Get out of the car and follow us! 😉
You see it, I told you: you would not believe your eyes! So many, many, many airedales and mums and dads! ❤ I tell you: more than last year! Although it is very, very cold today!
Yes, you ‘miss questions’, we can off leash in a moment, on the beach! Be happy you have a big sister to watch you! I could not off the leash on the beach at your age! 😉
And there is Louis, a Belgian friend between all these Dutch dales! 🙂

Mum, you put all the pictures with the story, will you? No, there not too many! There are never too many pics with dales! 🙂 And the friends can search for me and sissie, we are  dressed to be recognised! 😉 😉 Yes, mum, and the pics in the restaurant too, where we were well behaving during the raffle! 😉

Okay, sissie, I admit, you are not bad at all: you almost behaved as a lady. You are a quick learner! In less then a month!! I knew it: I am a good teacher! New business started! 😉

PS The nice airedale-loving-lady with the cats made great pics of us too! Mum will add them in the end, all together, and put her name with them! 🙂



Pictures made by Maya Van Breemen:


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