Parcels and… blooperfototoot! :-)

Hahahaha! This was fun, really fun! This time, Lizzie and me agreed! Fun, fun, fun! At least, that is what we think of it… don’t know if mum agrees… 🙂

So, yesterday there was this package in the mailbox. I mean: there was a note in the mailbox that mum should go to the post office to get a package. 
Of course we held a good eye on the opening of the parcel! But it was not for us, it was for mum. Explained to Lizzie that mum’s name was on the parcel and not mine or hers! 😉

Oh mum, look! There are airedales on this sweater, did you know that before? She did, of course! It comes from a very nice lady at the other side of the world! It has something to do with rescueing airedales! Lizzie, you hear that? It is about you! About rescued dales! ❤

Tonight mum wanted a nice picture, a nice fototoot of us and the new sweater with her in it. Ha, Lizzie and I decided differently: we wanted a biteyface-toot with the sweater. So we were moving all the time…
Well, now mum says she will show the naughty dales and the bloopertoot to all our friends… 😦 She says we will think twice next time! 😉


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