WWW with a… “première”!

Well, we had a WWW with a première! For those who don’t know what WWW is: What a Wonderful Wednesday. So you are updated! 🙂

As I said, a WWW with a “première”. Untill now I only went to fenced dogparks with the française, mum explained that is safer. But after the run at the beach and that sissie behaving quite good, well, mum and dad said we could try the huge dogpark (unfenced! 🙂

So, “première for the française”! To start with, she run in all directions when we arrived, not knowing what to see and inspect first. Then she ran to that other doggie, very far away. Just as I was thinking: this goes wrong and I wanted to go and have a look, dad used his whistle-language and there she came! Wow! 🙂

She did that every time. I was thinking that this française is a bit too obedient and not stubborn enough, so I said she should follow me. Off we went into the bush, out of sight. Told her not to hear mum’s whistle language for once! hahahaha, she came with me to the little river… where no human can come! hahahaha… 😉
The whistle stopped! … In the end, after quit some time we turned back of course. No fun: mum and dad even weren’t worried… well, well… go figure that! 😉 Mum was even surprised we did not have black boots on! 😉

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