New business!… The guiding business!

Since we can go more to the huge dogpark because the française is able too, well, I was thinking she needed some guiding to know about everything. 🙂

So now I’m in the guiding business too! First I thaught her to say hello to new frinds! Then i explained about the big grassfield.
After that I told her to follow me to the more interesting part: the little hill, the bush and… the water! I was quite far  in it (not wetting my belly of course), not this sissie though! 🙂
I told her to return before mum and dad would arrive… but too late: red thing made the proof we were in the little river… 😉

In the end, we met my friend Rhea and her mum. When it was treat-time (always with Rhea’s mum) Lizzie was gone. Said nothing of course, I got two treats! 🙂
Next time, she will listen to me in stead to obey calling dad, you will see! 😉



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