Lot to learn… little française!

Nothing is perfect in this life… mum often says! Well, for once she is right. hihihi. 🙂

I’ll give you an exemple: that sissie of me is not perfect! She misses some genes: the climbing genes! That’s for sure!
She jumps up all right and she can stand all right, she is an airedale, you know! But she can not climb! 😦

And that is difficult to learn if it is not in your genes! She is not a Van ’t Asbroek-dale, and that shows! 😉

In one of the big dogparks, there is a kind of climbing tree to exercise! Well look at the pics to see what the française did in stead of climbing up as I did. I showed her all right!
Lot to learn, sissie… and without those genes, that will be difficult! At your age I was already high up in trees, you know, scaring mum to death from above her head! 😉


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