Fun, fun, fun!… and ‘clutter’!!!

You know my mum is a library mum. And sometimes she has to be “updated”. Then she goes to the city of Brussels, or Gent or here in Antwerp. Often she gets a lot of information in a bag. Long ago the papers were in a blue bag, with the name of a brand on it. Mum did not like the bag… 😉

Mum is doing some spring-ing and

Spring cleaning, Kita, spring cleaning! 🙂

Okay, mum is doing some spring-ing and she wanted to get rid off the bag. I told Lizzie that was good news. As always, she did not want to believe it. I told her to watch me! 😉

I went to mum and started sniffing at the pile “get rid off”. Mum said: oh Kita that’s a good idea, get some playing with that. It will have served at least for something! And… she gave me the bag. I run to the française with it and asked her: what did I say?

GO!!! 🙂 ❤ 🙂

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