Enthusiasm… can be annoying

– “Kita, can I ask you a question, please? J’ai un petit problème…p1400996-85x100

– “What is it, Lizzie? Are you not feeling okay after the surgery?”

– “Mais non! L’opération went well and I feel alright, je t’assure!

– “Well then, tell me, dear petite française, what is bothering you?”

– “Tu vois, I often meet other doggies on the leash in our neighborhood, and several of them go into a frenzy when they approach me! Je n’aime pas ça du tout!” 😦

– “You start whining and jumping around yourself too, don’t you?”

– “Eh bien, oui, that’s because their reaction makes me très exitée!”

– “Maybe they are somewhat intimidated by your enthusiasm…” 😉

– “Ca alors! I just want to go dire bonjour, and play with them!”

– “I know, but they don’t. After all, you are a bundle of energy!”

– “But I run over to doggies all the time in the dog-park, and that doesn’t give any commotion, n’est-ce pas? We run and play together just fine, sans agitation.”

– “That’s true. Don’t worry too much, sissie. You’re just fine.”

– “Je t’aime, Kita! ❤ You’re my big sister and best female friend!” ❤

[Aire high-five]

Sissie Lizzie,
aka The Frenchie


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