Stop this… pre-grooming!

Really, I have enough of this… The française always wants to play, biteyface, tug-o-war… Okay, I like a good play, but some things are not done! I explain it to you!

When I’m stronger than sissie Lizzie, she starts biting in my ears and neck and back and every where… In my nice curls. Go figure!!! 😉
Then I get a bit pissed and I get my upperlips up and she goes else where. 😉 Oh yes, untill now, I’m the boss over here!

Mum, how many of these nice curls did you already collect this week? A lot, yes! Think I should make a message to my hairdresser to warn him that I’m coming with a catastrophy of a “coiffure” next week, as the française says! Her fault! My dogness… 😦

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