A rope and… two happy girls!

Last sunday, weather was not too nice and mum was a bit ill, so we all decided to go to the small dogpark. Me and mum we leave first, the française and dad come a bit later. Something about a nice training… Surely it is about pulling on the leash when she comes near the dogpark! hahaha… 🙂 I know about that! hahahaa… 😉 I was mum’s despair at Lizzie’s age! 😉 Later on I turned into a nice not-pulling lady. Not sure that hurricane sissie will ever be!

Okay, I was going to tell you about last sunday! Me and mum arrived at the dogpark. I was a bit pissed because mum forgot our ball wit the rope. But then!!! Then I found a big rope that some mum or dad forgot! Yeeeey! ❤

There she is, the française! I know I have to wait near mum when she arrives. I learn quickly, you know! 😉


You’ll see the rest in the very long movie! 5 minutes! You will be tired, just watching, mum says! 😉





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