After… part one!

Okay, mum and dad have this nice cold. Yes, mum, I understand that a cold is not nice. So, we start again: mum and dad caught a good cold. What? Not good? Third time: They got a cold so we did not go too far and went to the little dogpark. Mum said something about after-pics. My dogness, she really is a pic-freak! Come on, française, let’s play! 🙂

Yes, colc-mum, we come! What, stay focused? We get a treat afterwards? There we go. Sissie, focus! Or no treat! Don’t spoil the fun! My dogness, this hurricane-française can’t focus! Look at the comic mum made of it! Anyway, mum got her pics and I got my treat! 😉

What do you say Lizzie? Am I “nue” in the pictures? What does that mean? Without clothes? Oh, you mean nude? I’m allready in spring outfit! 😉 What do you say? You don’t want a sprinng outfit? Hahahahaha. If dad says you have to, well then you have to! I heard him make the appointment. Within 2 weeks it is your turn! But I can tell you that the dad over there is very friendly and a good “coiffeur” as you say! 😉



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