World upside down?… No way!

I really admit this cold of mum is bad. We always go to the little dogpark these days! No, that is not bad at all! The cold is bad: mum forgets important things: the red thing or the black speaking box! That is bad! You see: me and the française were playing like idiots (not me the idiot, Lizzie was) with a fox terrier lady of sissie’s age. Her dad had many toys! My dad said he run as much as we! 😉 😉

But no pics available because of this stupid mum with a cold. And then at home! Really, this française thinks she can do whatever pleases her! 😦

I was nicely sleeping in my bed, after all the playing. This Frenche-idiot thaught she could sleep in my crate! Go figure!
The world upside down! No way!!! 😉

As soon as I saw that, I did put “de puntjes op de i” = “the little dots on the i” = I was correcting and putting the Française in her place! And that is not in MY crate! That’s my place all right! ❤

This time, mum was there, crocheting, and she had the black speaking box near her to show you. Maybe this cold is not so bad anymore?

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