Big day in… the fishing-business!

Oh, my dogness! Raining again? That’s no drama, we go out anyway! Mum, look, the française and me are having the beach all for ourselves. What? Dad and you too? Okay, all the beach for the four of us. That’s why rain is no drama, it is fun! 🙂 ❤

Lizzie, Lizzie, come then, I’ll learn you something new! I will teach you the fishing-business! Oh, sissie, this one is a fresh one! We have to rescue it from drowning, this one is still alive! Yes, I have it! Owow! This is mine, sissie! I taaught you how to do it, catch one yourself! 😉

Mum, mum… look: I caught a fish! I rescued it from drowning! What, is it bleeding now? What? No rescueing, but brutal catching? Will we take it home then to take care of it? What? Can I? Yes, I come to get on the leash if I can keep my fish to show it to the whole world! 😉

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