My catch is… as good as hers!


Eh bien, let’s show Miss Know-It-All that I take my inspection business very seriously, here at the beach. Voyons, c’est quoi ça?

– “Viens voir, Kita, I found something! I think it’s a fish! Viens voir, I caught a fish too!”

She’s not paying any attention. She’s too busy with her own catch. Why won’t this stupid fish give in? Il m’embête, ce poisson méchant!

– ” Kita, you gotta help me! Viens m’aider! This fish is très rebelle! It keeps defying me!”
– “Lizzie, you silly française! That’s not a fish! It’s a stupid plastic bottle washed ashore.”
– “Ca alors! This bottle definitely is on the hook, je t’assure! I keep pulling and jerking…”
– “Don’t you see it’s attached to a rope? Just leave it. Come and play along with my fish.”

Ah, c’est bien dommage… This inspection business isn’t really my thing, je crains. Kita will have to teach me more. Flacon débile!

– No worry, little sissie. Eventually, you’ll get the hang of it. Just keep watching me closely.”

[Aire high-five]

Sissie Lizzie,
aka The Frenchie



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