Macho Lady now… and a small française!

Well, I have to admit this: grandpa Lennox thaught me wel! He did teach me that the eldest has the most rights. In this case it is about taking place in the car! 😉

Three years ago we made a fototoot about grandpa and me in the car. Ha! I almost fell of the couch, he always took all the place! 😦

In this household things have thoroughly changed! When we are in the car, well… ys, you get it! I take all the place and the française takes a little corner… Oh yes! And just like before, mum and dad don’t interfere! 🙂 I manage this on my own, just as grandpa did! Ha!
Think I really do a good job. Hope macho grandpa sees this macho lady! ❤
See for yourself! 😉

/macho grandpa and me

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