Grandpa and this aire-lady in… a car fototoot!

Remember that my mum had this carnival holiday some time ago? We went to the seaside and I found a lot of interesting pics on mum’s tv-typing-machine! Today is the car-fototoot! Tomorrow something else!

Hate to admit it, but the big fototoot star of today is not me but my grandpa Lennox!  But you will also see he is still a bit of a macho, grandpa or not! When we are in the car, he takes all the place and I can’t do anything about that! It has been since the beginning like that. But now I’m a fullgrown lady and I want more place…
No way! He gets angry if I take too much of the couch in the car. And mum and dad??? They don’t say anything! 😦  They say we should negotiate ourselves and be good dogs. “Point final!”

Well, see for yourself! Surely the last pic!!! 🙂

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