Small, smaller, smallest… and the giant lady…

It’s wednesday today! Mum says we have to wish a happy hump day to Ike and Sam and surely their buffalo’s! Well, to greet the last ones, mum made the perfect pics in the dogpark a few minutes ago! 😉 🙂 How that?

We met Elvis! Elvis is a very kind little fellow of 10 weeks old! (a chiwawa) So tiny… I never saw that before, not even at holidaymum’s place. His dad said I was a very, very gentle and soft lady. He would like all doggiegents and doggieladies to be like me! I asked my mum immediatly if she heard that good enough!

Because she was not pleased with me before Elvis came in the dogpark! Why? This lady refused to bring the ball back to her! Why did she throw it in the first place! If she wants it, she should keep it when she has it. That’s my strategy! 😉

I could keep the ball, mum wanted to leave the dogpark without me! Oh no, quick, I sit next to her. She puts me on the leash and I don’t have to give the ball???? I can take it home??? First a little fototoot with the flowers. She makes me take the ball and carry it all the way home, I tell you! She has to do something about her manners! A lady, walking in the street, with a ball!!! My dogness!
When we came home I did not touch that ball anymore! She can have it and keep it! 

We’ll see, Kita, we’ll see! You carry it back yourself this evening! 😉

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