In the middle of town!… Big bear!!!

After the carnival beast, well, it was not over yet! Another weird situation!

Me and mum, we take a walk in town. No carnival anymore, nice: less noisy! Lovely weather, so we like that! But my dogness… Look there! Wafwoefwafwaf! Why does the little dog not bark? Waf, grrr, woef!

Kita, shut up! Stop it!

Mum, but look, run! I’ll defend you! Wafwoefwaf!
Why is she laughing? Why, my mum, is she laughing? And why is she going nearer???? And look! That lady in the wheelchair is laughing too! Euh??? Shall I have a close look too? I’ll do some sniffing! This bear seems alright to me. Okay, mum, you can approach, it’s safe!
The laughing lady in the wheelchair is very friendly. I give her some kisses. She says I’m the sweetest dog ever! You hear that, mum, you hear it??? Oh, and she will take a picture of me, the bear and my mum. I can show everybody I have a bear-friend, she says. But it’s a bit a pity, the very nice lady says she doesn’t want to be in the pic too! Okay, that’s alright.

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