Carnival?… Noisy beast…

Mum says she is a lucky mum! Of course she is: she has me! 😉 Yes! And she also says she is lucky that I’m not afraid of noises: firework, thunder, music… whatever!
My grandpa does not like it. Imagine, my strong grandpa is afraid of thunder and firework… Something went wrong when he was young, thinks my dad…

Anyway, this week we saw a very noisy beast! Carnival!!! What a situation: very big, even very huge persons, musicians with noise and all the human children dressed as animals and wearing other stupid costumes! My mum is really lucky I’m not afraid, indeed. “Mais trop, c’est trop!” I had enough of it after some time and I pulled on the leash to go to the stairs in the park… For once, mum did agree???!!! She came with me??? To stairs??? She hates them, makes her back ache…

Well, this time, we went up all the way! 😉 I waited nicely for her, yes, I did… It was great up there: we saw the big, bizar persons too! 😉

We had to get back downstairs too… That’s not my cup of tea, then I’m very prudent! Must keep an eye on my mum, of course! 😉

Yes, this was a bit special, this long walk. Mum was very tired! Me, no! Not me, I’m never tired, I just needed a very long nap… 😉

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