Life on the wild side… Yihaaa!!!

Told you yesterday that I found lots of things on my mum’s tv-typing-machine! To be honest: she is the one showing me… 😉

Anyway, in these carnival-holidays (remember that? – seems long ago…) we were at the beach. And at some moments, my grandpa lennox forgets he is a grandpa now and that he should act as a grandpa… just as I act as a lady (when I feel like it…). So sometimes my grandpa does not feel like acting as a grandpa…
Mum is not prepared at that, nor is the blinking thing… but she captured some of his silly non-grandpa-actions… 😉 As well as my non-lady-actions… in deep water!!!

Result: a little movie with bizar movements of grandpa but also of the blinking thing, hahahaha! Hope you don’t get dizzy while looking… 😉 because pics and film are mixed… 😉

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