Airedale lady… rescues mum… ;-)

Still a few stories to tell from ages ago: carnival at the sea…

One day we came home and I told my grandpa Lennox I am a rescue-dog, just like him. He always tells he is a rescue-dog! He laughed, and laughed and laughed harder and harder and more… I thought he would get that kidney-thing again or something at his heart if he would not stop laughing at me! At the end he finally stopped! Thank dogness!

So I had to explain him why I was thinking I was a rescue-dog! Well, I rescued my mum! We were at the beach and there are little rivers and little ponds on the beach, made by the sea. When tide is coming up, well, that makes sometimes that there are beach islands. Mum and me were very busy: I was playing with a black labrador and doing funny things and trying to wink and… and mum was fototooting… And then, I saw it… we were on an island! I told mum to be quick and to follow me before we would get drowned… euh, at least before her feet in her boots would be drowning…
I had a difficult job! I hate deep water, but I found where mum could pass the sea-river! So I rescued mum! I am a rescue-dog!

Grandpa still did laugh a bit but at least he understood that I rescued mum, which he appreciated. 😉 She gives us dinner, he says… 😉 But he still says I’m not a rescue-dog: I am with mum and dad since I was seven weeks old. He first lived elsewhere for three years and was adopted by mum and dad, that makes him the rescue-dog of the family, he says, not this aire-lady…

Anyway, all was in the blinking thing!!!! With the wind and the noise of the sea included! 🙂

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